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tenda gudang roder
tenda gudang roder
tenda gudang roder
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10 Jul 2019
1 m2

Specification of

PT. MEDIAKUMEDIAMU Engaged In Supplier / Distributor Of Single Large Tent, Or Better Known As Roder Marquee. Roder Tent Directly With Our Production Quality Standards IMPORT. To Stretch That We Commence Production Of The Size Of 10M, 20M And So On. 

Roder Tent Is A Versatile Tent Types, Can Be Used For Storage Tents, Tents Auctions, Event Tent Etc.. Easy And Practical In Application Installation. 

Reference Project: 

1. Roder Tent 20Mx30m LOMBOK 

2. Roder Tent 20Mx10m Jakarta 

3. Roder Tent 20M35m Cakung, East Jakarta (Auction) 

For Bookings Contact Us On 0819 0880 1234, 0858 1155 1234.


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